DELPHYS GP-S 160/200/500kva

Solution for seismic environments
Three/three phase UPS from 160 to 500 kVA/KW

DELPHYS GP-S 160/200/500kva

The solution for

  • Data centres
  • Telecommunications
  • Service sector
  • IT Networks/ Infrastructures
  • Industrial infrastructures

Solution for seismic environments.

The test

  • DELPHYS GP-S units have been tested by VIRLAB S.A. (accredited by ENAC Spanish National Accreditation entity, ENAC certificate number 54/LE131) in compliance with the standard test procedure for the seismic qualification of electrical cabinets required by the "Uniform Building Code UBC-1997".
  • The seismic tests have been performed according to UBC-1997 covering zone 2A, 3 and 4. As required by the norms, the UPS have been submitted 5 times at 50% of full level in zone 2A and at full level in Zones 2A, 3 and 4.

The result

  • The DELPHYS GP-S units have successfully passed seismic tests performed at levels covering Zones 2A, 3 and 4 and experienced no malfunction either during or after the test.

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Technical Data

Sn [kVA]
Pn [kW]
Parallel configurationup to 4 MW


Rated voltage400V 3ph
Voltage tolerance240V to 480V(1)
Rated frequency50/60 Hz
Frequency tolerance± 10 Hz
Power factor/THDI> 0.99 / < 2.5%(2)


Rated voltage3ph + N 400V
Voltage tolerance static load±1% dynamic load in accordance with VFI-SS-111
Rated frequency50/60 Hz
Frequency tolerance± 2% (configurable for GenSet compatibility)
Total output voltage distortion - linear loadThdU <1.5%
Total output voltage distortion - non-linear load (lEC 62043-3)ThdU <3%
Short circuit current(1)up to 3.4 x In


Rated voltagerated output voltage
Voltage tolerance± 15% (configurable with from 10% to 20%)
Rated frequency50/60 Hz
Frequency tolerance± 2% (configurable for GenSet compatibility)


Online mode @ 40 % of loadup to 96%
Online mode @ 75 % of loadup to 96%
Online mode @ 100 % of loadup to 96%
Fast EcoModeup to 99%


Operating ambient temperaturefrom 10 °C up to +40 °C(1) (from 15 °C to 25 °C for maximum battery life)
Relative humidity0% - 95% without condensation
Maximum altitude1000 m without derating (max. 3000 m)
Acoustic level at 1 m (ISO 3746)
<65 dBA<67 dBA<72 dBA

UPS Cabinet

Dimension W x D x H
700 x 800 x 1930 mm1600 x 950 x 1930 mm
Degree of protectionIP 20 (other IP as option)
Colourscabinet: RAL 7012, door: silver grey


SafetyIEC/EN 62040-1, AS 62040.1.1, AS 62040.1.2
EMCIEC/EN 62040-2, AS 62040.2
PerformanceIEC/EN 62040-3, AS 62040.3
Seismic compliance

Uniform Building Code UBC-1997, EN 60068-3-3/1993 (seismic),EN 60068-2-6/2008 (sinusoidal), EN 60068-2-47/2005 (mounting).

Product declarationCE, RCM (E2376)

(1) Worst condition (Auxiliary Mains not available)
(2) With input THDV < 1%

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