Power Conditioning


Reliable operations of microprocessor based systems requires a high degree of stability for the AC power source and are more susceptible to poor quality AC power.

A power conditioner is a device that improves the quality of power that is delivered to electrical load equipment. These vary widely in functionality, as well as size, with both usually determined by the application.

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS Systems are the ultimate solution to power problems providing both uninterrupted Power Backup and Power Conditioning. It protects the load from all AC Utility supply anomalies including Blackouts, Brownouts, Surges, Spikes, and Sags.

ZENER’s own range of power conditioning products includes online UPS systems, Voltage Regulation equipment, Isolation Transformers, Industrial Inverters and other custom built power supplies.

ZENER also distributes SOCOMEC UPS range of products including UPS Systems, Harmonic Equalisers, Static Transfer Systems, Flywheel solutions etc. In addition, ZENER also distributes Active Power Filters from ABLEREX for harmonic solutions for improving power quality in industrial, medical, telecom and other critical applications.

Products marketed by ZENER are used across most demanding of customers covering different sectors of the industry including Defence establishments, the Health sector, IT/ITES, Research and Educational institutions, Telecom and Manufacturing and engineering industries.