The Team

Our TeamAt ZENER we seek out the most talented individuals to help create value and foster innovation for the benefit of our customers. The core team, which has worked together for over 20 years has given customers the comfort of reliability and continuity, which is unparalleled in the industry today.

The unbroken relationship built by this team with the clients has resulted in immense customer confidence, which has helped ZENER grow with the customers.

Our customer facing core team

Roop Raj, Founder & Managing Director

Srinivas Rao, Head, Operations – part of the team since 1990; his close and committed relationship with customers has helped build the ZENER business over the years.

Arif, Head, Customer Support - with ZENER since early 1998; continues to drive the management’s goal of ultimate customer satisfaction

Ashok, Head, Telecom Operations – with ZENER since 2000; has led the successful launch of our Telecom division

Suresh Jadav, Head, Finance & Admin - since 1996; has been heading our administration including banking & finance, international trade, liaising with various authorities

Somashekar, Nagendra and Prasad - with ZENER since April 1998; along with Nandeesh who joined us in 2002; have led the technical and customer support services with support of their teams

Edwin and Ravishanker - with ZENER since 1999; have been building and maintaining our marketing operations