ABLEREX Harmonic solution

True Harmonics Solution – Enersine Active Power Filter from ABLEREX, Singapore


Enersine, the true harmonic solution, is a solid state power converter that brings about the following advantages to improve power quality:

  • Eliminate all harmonics current from non-linear loads like Computers, UPS, Varible Speed Drives, Solid State Rectifiers, Induction Heating Elements, Industrial air conditioners etc.,
  • Generate opposite phase shifted harmonics current of the same amplitude
  • Cancel the loads harmonic current and then obtain a sinusoidal current in the utility
  • Compensate reactive power factor of lagging loads
  • Act as a virtual damping resistor to prevent possible harmonic resonance


  • No risk of harmonic resonance
  • Significantly reduce the voltage waveform distortion
  • Reduce voltages drop on transformers & cables
  • Reduce temperatures rise on transformers & cables
  • Improve power factor


  • Apply to 3 Phase 3 Wires/4 Wires System
  • Advanced DSP technology
  • Programmable by DSP
  • Employing FT (Fourier Transform) method to analyze harmonic current
  • Compensate up to 51st harmonics
  • Compensate up to 12 different harmonics simultaneously
  • Harmonic Attenuation Ratio is greater than 10
  • Compensate reactive power
  • No problem of overload
  • Shunt connection, easy for maintenance
  • Modular and easy to extend
  • Operate in parallel up to 8 control units
  • Flexible up-grading/redundancy
  • User-friendly control panel