ZENER uZen UPS systems


The ZENER uZen range of UPS acts as an interface between the mains and sensitive applications to supply the load with continuous, high quality, clean electrical power free from all disturbances regardless of the condition of the mains. Specially designed for sensitive loads the uZen UPS systems provide comprehensive power protection from ground noise, polluted neutral, lightning and ground drifts using galvanic isolation between input and output.

The uZen series are utility friendly and generator compatible, reduces and prevents the overrating of electrical wires.

With cutting edge technology, the ZENER series of UPS Systems incorporates all the needs of systems integrators, panel builders and machine manufacturers to guarantee the best control solutions in modern industrial automation systems. Designed for a wide range of motor ratings, power supply settings and sector-specific configurations make ZENER UPS’s a universal solution for all control architectures.

ZENER’s uZen UPS Systems are typically used in Data Centers, IT & ITES industry and Automated Industrial systems where an unexpected power disruption could cause serious business disruption, Data Loss, Injuries, etc.to protect sophisticated IT equipment, Medical Equipment, Computers, Telecommunication Equipment or other Electrical Equipment.