Zener iZen Inverter 1/1 Phase 1 kVA to 10 kVA

ZENERT iZEN INVERTER The ZENER 1/1 Phase 1kVA to 10kVA range of Pure Sinewave iZen Inverter/ Emergency Power System (EPS) utilize state-of-art Microcontroller technology for the supply of emergency electrical power that instantaneously supports essential but non critical electrical systems on loss of normal power supply. The standby power system includes an inverter and batteries. These emergency power systems are installed to protect life and property from the consequences of unscheduled loss of primary electric power supply.

The iZen range of Emergency Power supply are generator compatible, for flicker free transfer of loads on power failure and resumption and flexible enough to be adopted as UPS for computers and other sensitive equipment.

ZENER Emergency Power Supplies and Inverters find uses in a wide variety of settings from homes, hospitals, scientific laboratories, data centers, telecommunication equipment and commercial buildings.

Technical Data

DC BUS24V / 48V / 72V / 96V /120V / 192V


Mains Voltage230VAC, 1PH
Mains Range170V - 270V
Mains Frequency50 Hz ± 10%


TechnologyHigh Frequency PWM
Output on Mains mode170V - 270V
Output on Inverter mode230VAC
Output Voltage Regulation±1% on Inverter mode
Output WaveformSinusoidal
Output Frequency50 Hz ± 0.25Hz
Power Factor0.8
Power DeviceIGBT
Over Load Capacity125% for 3 mins.
Static Switch ( SCRs)Yes, Transfer time < 3 ms
Super Bypass SwitchAvailable


Charger TypeCC / CV
Charger Current limitAdjustable, normally set at 10% of Ah capacity


InputMCBs at Input & ByPass, MOVs, Snubber Circuits, Soft start and Single Phase Protection
Inverter Over Voltage / Under Voltage255VAC / 185V
General ProtectionsMCB at Output, EMI Filters, Fastblow Semiconductor Fuse, Over Temperature, Mains High Voltage & Short Circuit
Low Battery TripYes
Enclosure ProtectionIP - 20


Efficiency> 92%
IsolationOnline UPS with Galvanic Isolation for comprehensive power protection
LED IndicationsMains ON, Charger ON, Inverter ON, Battery Low, Over Load, Charger Trip, Inverter Trip, Over Temp, On Bypass
LCD DisplayMains Voltage, Output Voltage, Load Current, Battery Voltage, Output Frequency, Temperature
Audible AlarmsInput Low / Fail, Over Load, Battery Low, Over Temp, Inverter Trip
CoolingForced Air


Ambient Temperature0 - 45ºC
Noise Level<45 db @ 1.5 meter
Relative Humidity0 - 90% Non condensing
MobilityCastor Wheels