ZENER uZen HSC 303

ZENER uZen HSC 303

Specially designed online UPS for CT & MRI Scanners

Limits the Peak Power Consumption Utility (EB)

uZen HSC 303 operates at lower sanctioned power allowing it to use a low capacity generator. The programmable power consumption limit is 30% - 100% of input power.

  • 200VAC phase-phase
  • 4:1 crest factor, IPL facility*
  • Phase-phase and phase-neutral voltage regulation of ± 1% on 0-110% unbalanced step loading.
  • Remote power monitoring software.
  • Galvanic isolation at the output as per IEC 624001-3 for comprehensive power protection. Input to output galvanic isolation for operator and patient safety.

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UZen HSC 303 online UPS (CT & MRI Scanner)

10KVA - 200KVA 3 - Ø Input 3 - Ø Output


Double conversion Online with the latest MPWM technology using IGBT


10KVA - 200KVA

DC Bus192V/240V/360V/384V
Input voltage415V AC Three Ø & N
Input voltag window330 - 470V
Input Frequency50Hz ± 10%
Power walk inSoft start for 0-20 seconds power walk-in
Input power limiting facilityInput power limit adjustable from 25% to 100% of the unit capacity, for example: when activated for 25% for a 60KVA UPS, the maximum input power drawn will be less than 15KVA.Thus it facitates to operate a 60KVA UPS & Scanning machine at a lower power sanction from EB or lower generator capacity
Type6 Pulse / 12Pulse / PFC
Voltage regulation( ± ) 1%
Ripple voltage< 2% without battery
Converter protectionAdvanced electronic protection for device safety backed up with MCBs / MCCBs & fast acting fuses
Inverter typeIGBT based MPWM with instantaneous sinewave control
Power factor0.8 lag
Nominal voltage400V Ph- Ph & 230V Ph- Neutral
RegulationBalanced load: ( ± 1% )
Unbalanced load: ( ± ) 1%-Ph to Ph & Ph to N on 0-110% unbalanced step loading
Unbalanced Load Phase Shift120°± 0.5°
Frequency50 Hz ± 0.1Hz
WaveformTrue Sinewave
Total Harmonic DistortionLinear Load: < 2% and Non Linear Load: <6%
Transient ResponseRemains within +/- 5% & recover to normal within 20 msec
Over Load Capacity100%-Continuous / 125%-1 Minute / 150%-5 Seconds
Nominal output current / phase10KVA - 12A / 20KVA - 23A / 30KVA - 35A / 40KVA - 46A / 60KVA-70A / 80KVA - 93A/ 100KVA - 115A/ 120KVA - 140A / 150KVA - 174A / 180KVA - 209A / 200KVA - 232A
Crest Factor4:1
Mode of OperationDesigned for Continuous operation
IsolationGalvanic isolation at the output for comprehensive power protection. Input to output galvanic isolation for operator & patient safety.
BatterySMF/ TUBULAR   
Charger TypeCCCV
Charging Current Standard0 - 20A
Inverter ProtectionAdvanced Electronic Protection for device safety backed up with MCB’s / MCCBs & fast acting fuses,
high speed pulse by pulse electronic device protection over voltage / under voltage protection,
Electronic over current trip with reset.
Overall efficiency on 100% load> 93%
Ambient temperature0 - 40°C
Enclosure protection gradeIP - 20
Testing standardAs per IEC 62040 - 3


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