Enertect Battery Monitoring system


Enertect, an intelligent and innovative Battery Monitoring System, is the brain child of Global Power Source (GPS) that has dominated the power backup industry since 1988.

Enertect Monitoring Systems are used for large scale power backup installations where system availability is critical to successful business operations.

Most failures occur due to improper UPS and Battery maintenance. Enertect Monitoring Systems allow you to maintain a safe and secure system with real-time monitoring which will minimize the probability of any failures and optimize the service life of the batteries.

Enertect monitoring systems are designed in accordance with IEEE Battery Maintenance recommendations.

Battery Monitoring Features

Enertect monitors and measures a wide range of parameters to keep your batteries protected.

  • VOLTAGE : Enertect monitors the battery terminal voltage of individual batteries which helps users to determine the health and performance of the batteries
  • RIPPLE VOLTAGE : Measures the ripple voltage which occurs due to incomplete suppression of the alternating waveform within the power supply
  • INTERNAL RESISTANCE : Enertect measures the internal resistance of individual batteries which helps the user predict the health of the batteries
  • CURRENT : Measures the amount of current which flows through each battery bank as this enables the user to optimize the current flow in the system
  • BATTERY TEMPERATURE : We measure the battery temperature in accordance with IEEE recommendations. Each individual battery temperature is measured to help users prevent thermal runaway and overheating
  • AMBIENT TEMPERATURE : Measures the ambient temperature at any given two points per system which helps the user prevent premature failure by ensuring the ambient temperature does not exceed the given threshold
  • CAPACITY : Enertect measures and indicates the battery capacity in percentage, which helps the user to accurately determine the power of every block
  • INTER-CONNECTOR RESISTANCE : Monitors the resistance of both the inter-cell and inter-tier connectors which helps the user verify the integrity of the battery installation
  • CHARGE / DISCHARGE CYCLES : Keeps track of the number of charge-discharge cycles of each battery string to help the user monitor the service life of the battery
  • HYDROGEN GAS DETECTOR : Enertect’s hydrogen gas detector is designed to display warnings before any concentration in volume reaches the lower explosive limits



Enertect-VMeasures individual battery voltage and ambient temperature. Best used for small industries.



Enertect-VRMeasures resistance to determine battery health. Best used for data centres.



Enertect-VRCMeasures capacity of batteries in percentages. Best used for telecom industries.



Enertect-VRTMeasures individual battery terminal temperature. Best used for overheating or fire cases.



Enertect-VRIMeasures intercell connector resistance to verify installation integrity. Best used for large/remote installations.



Enertect-UChoose your features to customise a solution to match your needs. Best used for any applications.