ZENER’s association with world class, state of the art high capacity UPS Systems began with the introduction of SOCOMEC SICON systems in India in 1987. Today, with the entry of SOCOMEC directly into India we continue our association as their premier partner. We market, install, maintain and provide complete post-sales support to the entire range of SOCOMEC products.

Founded in 1922, SOCOMEC is a manufacturing group with a workforce of 3,100 people employed in 30 subsidiaries around the world. Their core business: the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks with increased focus on customers' power performance.

Based on 45 years of UPS experience, SOCOMEC also has considerable expertise in Energy Storage solutions for smart grids, smart buildings and isolated micro grids with dedicated Power Conversion Systems.

As specialists in high-availability power supplies they are well aware of the risks involved with poor quality power supplies, and can offer a wide range of solutions for your requirements based on the most cutting-edge skills and technologies.


To meet your supply needs for critical equipment, SOCOMEC UPS offers solutions drawn from extensive experience with high quality power supplies using the latest technology.

High quality voltage:

Supplying current IT loads (non-linear or leading) with digitally controlled high quality precise voltage. Adapted to new non-linear IT loads or IT loads with a high power factor.Download Brochure

Low distortion rectifiers:

Integration into an environment is simplified by using rectifiers delivering a sinusoidal current and eliminating the constraints caused by harmonics and limits the current used upstream. Infrastructure savings as there is no need to oversize input transformers, generators and the high power factor upstream of the rectifiers, which allows the cable diameter and protection degree to be reduced. The reduction in size, reducing the impact on spatial requirements.Download Brochure

Economical operation:

High efficiency and different UPS operating modes helps reduce your electricity bill by reducing not only the electricity needed to supply the UPS but also the electricity needed for cooling or air conditioning.Download Brochure


Several different solutions for parallel UPS configurations that increase power availability and simplify operation. Modular UPS and parallel modular configurations make it possible to spread your power investment over time and according to your needs, by upgrading your existing equipment.

Design that allows the architecture to be adapted to your own specifications concerning: redundancy, specific configurations and connection with static transfer systems.Download Brochure

Communication Interfaces:

Interfaces and software to remotely transmit data for operation and monitoring of your equipment.Download Brochure

Battery availability:

An innovative charging system with permanent monitoring to guarantee the reliability of your back-up reserve over time.Download Brochure

ACS automatic cross synchronization to an external source:

This is an optional facility – internal to the SOCOMEC UPS (no need to add an external box) – maintains SOCOMEC UPS output in synchronization with an external power source or with a second independent UPS. This design ensures permanent synchronization of two totally independent UPS systems when the source of reference supplying the automatic bypass is absent.

This totally automatic and transparent system guarantees operation of each UPS system without any single point of failure (parallel or single systems).

The ACS function provides synchronous transfer with downstream Static Transfer Systems(LTM and IT-Switch)Download Brochure