Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server

Voice, video and content collaboration in any location and on any device

Polycom RealPresence Collaboration ServerPolycom RealPresence Collaboration Server connects the most people at highest quality and lowest cost - on-premises, hosted, hybrid or cloud delivered

More and more organizations want their employees to share the next great idea face to face, wherever they are located and on whatever device they choose.

Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server is the software for multiparty video, voice, and content collaboration that connects the most people at highest quality and lowest cost.

Based on open standards, the architecture of the Collaboration Server series is uniquely integrated with hundreds of business, UC, and social networking applications and protocols to make it easy to meet face to face with others over video. With RealPresence Collaboration Server organizations can:

  • Connect employees, partners and fragmented communication systems, without expensive gateways, through the industry's broadest support for existing and emerging standards, protocols and natively integrated applications
  • Reduce operating expenses and increase call capacity, through unprecedented delivery efficiencies that use up to 50% less bandwidth
  • Expect enterprise-grade collaboration, with 100% auto-failover, extreme scalability, security and interoperability, through the flexible, integrated RealPresence Platform

Available as a stand-alone solution or included in the heart of our complete RealPresence One subscription solution offering, Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server connects the most people at highest quality and lowest cost - on-premises, hosted, hybrid or cloud delivered.  RealPresense Collaboration solutions include:

  • RealPresence Collaboration Server Virtual Edition, a software only platform for virtualized/cloud environments
  • RealPresence Collaboration Server Hardware solutions with a range of resource options for any size – from small and high growth organizations to the largest companies in the world
  • Remove cost and complexity through the industrys broadest support for standards, applications, protocols and UC devices for seamless collaboration. Only RealPresence Collaboration Server delivers a hybrid solution that supports AVC and new media routing technology to allow organizations to cost-effectively conduct wide scale multipoint video calling. Other solutions require "workarounds" - gateways or multiple solutions stitched together - that introduce cost and risk
  • Deliver responsive and available video collaboration through the power of redundant collaboration servers and the combination of the RealPresence Distributed Media Application (DMA) for redundant databases, and geographically distributed super clusters to eliminate single points of failure and provides high availability
  • Enable higher quality experiences with break-through audio and visual technology – such as NoiseBlock™ that eliminates unwanted background noise - to make video collaboration experiences better than being there
  • RealPresence Web Suite Support – Key components of the RealPresence Platform and RealPresence Web Suite extend enterprise-grade visual collaboration to anyone, anywhere with just a browser and webcam
  • Get the right solution for specific business needs through the broadest range of delivery options - on-premises, hosted, hybrid or cloud delivered