Avaya Aura Conference Bridge

Collaboration is moving out of dedicated video conferencing rooms to the desktops and the mobile devices your customers use every day. Avaya solutions offer software based, highly flexible collaboration options from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices or from the web, using WebRTC.

With one solution, you’ll be able to position the benefits of an intuitive platform that supports high scalability, HD audio and video, sophisticated but easily implemented moderator controls, recording and playback, and streaming to thousands of users for enterprise wide communications or training.

Value Proposition

Quality experiences for critical meetings

The benefits of face-to-face meetings are obvious. Avaya solutions makes joining a conference as easy as point and click, where the HD audio and video along with Call Admission Control ensure customers enjoy a quality experience.

One solution for multiple needs

A single solution to address your customers audio, video, web or webcasting needs. Whether its interviewing candidates remotely, meeting with key customers or supplies, providing enterprise-wide training or pulling together emergency response teams on the fly, Avaya lets you position a single solution that brings value to every employee.

Easy and seamless participation

Whether your customers are meeting internally or reaching outside their enterprise, they need a meeting solution that’s simple to join and easy to use. Avaya provides one touch access and intuitive controls that ensure that meetings start on time, remain productive and let the participants focus on their important topics, not the technology.

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Download Brochure