Avaya Aura Platform

The Avaya Aura® Platform simplifies complex communications networks, reduces infrastructure costs and quickly delivers voice, video, mobility, collaboration, messaging, IM/presence, web applications and more to employees at their desks or on the go.

The session-based architecture of the Avaya Aura Platform combines openness, centralized administration and granular control to create a solution where digital transformation can take place across the enterprise.

It adds powerful capabilities to virtually all Avaya solutions, including session management that enables multi-vendor hardware and software to communicate across the enterprise network. The Avaya Aura Platform orchestrates a wide array of communications applications and systems by decoupling applications from the network. As a result, services and applications can be deployed to users depending on what they need rather than by where they work.

Finally, it enables the multimodal solutions necessary for success in today’s Era of Digital Transformation. These include true unified communications with the Avaya Equinox experience, Omnichannel customer engagement with Avaya Oceana, mobility solutions, conferencing, multimedia messaging and the ability to create customized applications and workflow with Avaya Breeze.

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The Avaya Aura® Platform provides the real-time foundation for unified communications and customer experience solutions, and it is the key enabling layer in the Avaya enterprise architecture.

Solutions from Avaya are based on an open, flexible reference architecture that enables a multi-vendor approach to integrating communications. Avaya leverages a layered architecture to meet immediate business needs, while providing a path to future capabilities. In addition, virtualization technology delivers a small hardware footprint, rapid deployment and streamlined management.

The architecture emphasizes end-to-end management, security and serviceability, and enterprise-wide reporting and analytics. The Avaya Aura Platform promotes collaboration and interaction applications that are delivered to all users, workers, service agents, managers and executives.

The core communication services of Avaya Aura provide the real-time foundation for all sizes and types of enterprise customer solutions, scaling from small branch offices to complete global enterprise networks of up to 250,000 users, and include:

  • Rich voice and video services
  • Mobility and Collaboration
  • Integrated Video
  • Branch Solutions
  • Enterprise-wide SIP session management
  • Multi-vendor presence aggregation
  • Application enablement
  • End-to-end security
  • Small hardware footprint
  • High availability
  • Hardware and design flexibility
  • Management, support and remote monitoring

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