Visitor Management solution


Enterprises now-a-days have become more conscious of people mobility management as they are prone to threats and are concerned about the productivity of the employees. In addition, these tech-savvy companies have many visitors in a day. However, because of lack of visitor management solutions, they face challenges in controlling, monitoring, and maintaining their visitor’s flow, access and accurate database. Moreover, the conventional method of registration is dependent on the security guide for access to the restricted areas and pass generation of visitors. This makes the whole procedure fussy and prolonged. This lengthy system harms the hospitality of visitors. Such paper passes, without any access credentials, compromise the general safety.

Matrix COSEC VMS promotes a secure, smart and productive workplace. It is a one-stop solution for all your workplace reception management needs – from managing strangers to expected guests. It streamlines the entire visitor management process, from registration to the live status monitoring of the visitor, along with visit notifications and alerts. Provide a better hospitality experience to visitors with Matrix COSEC VMS.

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