Audio Conferencing

Make a big impact on increasing productivity by making easy conferencing tools accessible to the entire team inside and outside your organization, from any location. Add conference logistics to your meeting invite with the click of a button, and just click to join when the time comes. One-click access or voice-driven logins bypass the need to repeatedly enter conference numbers and pass codes. Inside the conference, see a real-time roster of participants to eliminate those repetitive roll calls, and let everyone will know who is speaking and where any disruptive noise is coming from. Let anyone share content or capture notes, action items, and questions. Allow meetings to continue even if the host leaves. Make your meetings more secure by using your own systems not shared with any other enterprise, and when necessary, locking the conference so no one else can join. Mobile and remote employees connect as easily as those in the office. Go with in-house conferencing that works on virtually any device and saves costs.