SaaS & Subscription Centre

Today, with the increase in bandwidth and internet speeds, new cloud hosting capabilities, SaaS and Op-Ex procurement models, to obtain major IT equipment and services is easier than it’s ever been.

The Asset Light, monthly subscription option of the OPEX and SaaS model, run via internet, can help streamline business cash flow over time, with no long-term commitment. This flexibility to customize to meet the growing and changing needs of business is key for emerging opportunities.

Increasingly, as cloud environments continue to develop, it will get smarter in its usage predictions, ensuring that monthly costs don’t skyrocket.

More and more technology markets are moving away from the CAPEX model, opting for OPEX instead for their cloud computing needs. This addresses their concerns of high cost of ownership. Also, for small and medium sized businesses, the subscription model facilitates the ease to switch to alternative options that better suit the needs of managing and paying the high cost of infrastructure.

Zener has tied up with some of the leading service providers and SaaS and software developers to offer various options in this segment.

Our solutions:

  1. Cloud Conferencing: Simplify and converge your audio, video, web collaboration, and webcasting to one cloud platform and app. Conferencing on the go - Any Device, Anytime and Anywhere.
  2. Cloud Contact Centre: Hosted on Cloud from which all inbound and outbound customer communications are handled. - make interactions through voice, email, social media and the web accessible from virtually anywhere.
  3. Unified Communications: These include instant messaging, presence, video and web conferencing, call recording and team collaboration. It also provides employees with a consistent user experience across the multiple devices that they use, whenever and wherever they are.
  4. SMART OFFIICE: A start-up kit which includes Voice/Data/Storage & Apps with Managed Security.
  5. Network Connectivity: PRI,SIP, Toll Free Number, MPLS, Internet Leased Line, Virtual Private Networks and Managed WI-FI Services.

ZENER partners with some of India’s leading software developers to provide innovative solutions based on the customer’s needs. These applications available as SaaS or software plugins cover.

  • Automated IVRs: For all automated outbound & inbound needs with speech recognition.
  • Number Masking Solutions: Customer’s privacy guaranteed.
  • Trouble ticketing solution: Distribute and manage trouble tickets with user friendly tools.
  • Call Recording: Passive IP tapping call recording solution with simple user interfaces.
  • Computer Telephony solutions: audio conference bridge, campaign manager, centralized multi location billing software.


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