SOCOMEC BHC Universal and BHC Interactive

BHC Universal and BHC Interactive Battery Health Check

Increase battery availability

  • The battery is a key element in UPS operation. Their efficiency and availability are very important to avoid shutdown

Optimises your battery's lifetime

  • When connected with any brand UPS's, BHC interact with battery charger to optimize battery lifetime

Increased maintenance efficiency

  • BHC helps maintenance actions, providing in advance useful information for preventative and curative maintenance of battery blocks

Remote monitoring

  • BHC can be connected to a LAN Network allowing access to all functionalities and displaying information from a remote station

Model and Functionalities

BHC Universal
Available for any kind of UPS brand.

  • Locate weak blocks
  • Track battery life
  • Maintenance planning

BHC Interactive
(Available for SOCOMEC UPS brand products only)
It includes all BHC UNIVERSAL functionality plus

  • Increase charger precision
  • Automatic battery testing
  • Proactive measures

Main Features

  BHC Universal BHC Interactive
UPS compatibility
DELPHYS MX 250-900 kVA no yes
DELPHYS Green Power 160-400 kVA no yes
MASTERYS Green power 100-120 kVA yes no
Other SOCOMEC UPS yes no
Non-SOCOMEC UPS yes no


Voltage per string per 12 V blocks per 12 V blocks
Current per string yes yes
Battery ambient temperature 4 to 6 per string 4 to 6 per string


Battery type VRLA VRLA
Number of batteries per BHC box up to 7 up to 7
Number of strings per battery 1 to 8 1 to 8


Detection and localisation of failures per block (12 V) per block (12 V)
Interaction with the UPS no yes
Connectivity connected to LAN connected to UPS and to LAN