Polycom Pano

Polycom Pano is the easiest way to connect and share content at work. From the moment you walk into the room, Pano invites you to connect from your personal device with a simple touch - no special apps, cables or pucks required. Simply connect Pano to any monitor and then cast up to four simultaneous streams of high definition content to easily compare and contrast your work.

With Pano, ease-of-use value isn’t limited to the end user. It also delivers high-value to the business through easy installation with existing investments in display technology and video conferencing. Now, in just minutes, every room can be turned into a powerful collaborative environment.

Connect Simply

  • Engaging startup screen guides users to wirelessly connect their personal device in a simple and familiar way
  • Connect with legacy operating systems with Pano App
  • Never leave others out of the conversation with a wired HDMI input for traditional rooms

Share Intuitively

  • Make better and quicker decisions by comparing up to four content streams at once
  • Intuitively share documents, pictures, or videos directly from your personal device
  • Turn your smartphone or tablet into a flexible document camera by casting your live video feed
  • Never run out of space for creating, problem solving, and teaching with an endless whiteboard that you can save with a touch
  • Easily connect touch displays to bring focus to your work with annotation on captured or live content – share, touch, save
  • Extend the sharing experience over distance with RealPresence Group Series integration

Easily Manage

  • Simple install means you can connect to virtually any HD monitor turning any room into a collaborative space in moments
  • Securely access, manage, and troubleshoot your deployment from anywhere with a web browser
  • Industry-leading security in the room with revolving PIN Code and over the air encryption for data protection
  • Enable and disable Windows Miracast, Apple Airplay to customize access to the needs of your business
  • For a fully interactive experience, deploy Polycom Pano with a touch-enabled monitor for rich annotation experiences when you need it.

Pano delivers high-value to the business through ease-of-connection, investment protection, and secure software management. Businesses can start with a standard HD Display for sharing wireless content and upgrade to multi-touch with a simple USB cable when ready. Extending the content experience over a distance can easily be done with tight integration with video conferencing systems. Free your IT Staff for more important tasks and allow them to securely manage deployments from anywhere over a secure browser interface.

Flexible Connections

  • Supporting the most robust wireless sharing technologies for easy connections through Windows Miracast, Apple Airplay
  • Bluetooth signaling ensures a quick and easy connection in seconds

Powerful Use

  • Connect to non-touch displays for immediate return on your investment
  • See every detail in crystal clear 4K60 fps, RGB: 4:4:4 resolution and color depth
  • Leverage existing investments in Group Series by simply connecting and pairing with Pano
  • Get fully interactive collaboration by simply connecting Polycom Pano to optional touch-capable displays with a USB cable
  • Experience intuitive multi-touch interface for adjusting layout, zoom, and pan images or even live video
  • Annotate over content, brainstorm with the infinite whiteboard, and save from your Pano App

Secure Deployment

  • Encrypted media streams ensure data protection from malicious attacks
  • Revolving PIN starts every session with a secure connection removing the chance of accidental content showing in the room
  • Ensure user data integrity similar to secure online banking with TLS and Strong Cipher Suite support
  • Certify device and client software through industry-standard Cryptographic Signatures