Ethernet switches - Avaya

Avaya transforms the typical network complexity that makes it difficult for companies to handle surges in applications, mobile devices, and compute environments. The unique end-to-end fabric and SDN architecture removes the layers to create a network that is dynamic, agile, and simple. This results in faster time-to-service, greater agility, dependable business continuity, and increased efficiency—to run your network at the speed of business.

Instead of multiple protocols that create networks complexity, Avaya provides one fabric-based protocol that forms a single virtual control layer across the entire network. Fabric connect automatically configures the core switches by understanding the edge configuration and everything becomes simpler. Applications can be rolled out quickly, recoveries are faster, device servers attach automatically, and the networks runs at business speed.


Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series

Enterprise-Class Features for Small to Midsize Businesses

  • Simple to Operate
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Set-Up for Avaya IP Office

Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series

Intelligent Stacking for the Network Edge

  • Smooth Implementation
  • Solid Performance
  • Superior Energy Efficiency

Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series

Premium Stackable Chassis for the Network Edge

  • Improve Application Responsiveness
  • Versatile Deployment Options
  • Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 Series

Versatility and Reliability for the Network Core

  • Versatile Deployment
  • Optimize Wireless LANs and BYOD Environments
  • Add Performance as You Need It

Virtual Services Platform 4000 Series

Edge Device for Fabrics, Multiple Services, and Multiple Tenants

  • Simplify Your Network with Fabric Connectivity
  • Deliver New Business Services Faster
  • Deploy One Technology for All Your Network Services

Virtual Services Platform 7000 Series

Boost the Performance of Your Applications and Improve Your Time to Service

  • Empower Next-Generation Applications
  • Slash Life Cycle Costs
  • Change the Way that you Change

Virtual Services Platform 7200 Series

Maximize the Performance of Your Applications

  • Maximize Application Performance
  • Revitalize Your Core
  • Automate Your Life Cycle

Virtual Services Platform 8000 Series

Transition Your Network Core from Complex to Simple

  • Deliver More Of What Your Business Needs
  • Reduce Your Costs, From Day One
  • End the Network Waiting Game

Virtual Services Platform 9000 Series

Take Your Network and Applications to a New Level of Reliability

  • Evergreen Application Performance
  • Hardened and Resilient for Maximum Availability
  • Revolutionize Service Delivery