Avaya Aura Communication

The Core of Your Unified Communications and Collaboration Solution

  • Start your move to unified communications and collaboration with Avaya Aura® Communication Manager. Voice, video, messaging, and customer contact applications converge on a single network, to spread intelligent and flexible communications throughout the organization
  • Enable employees to take care of business more easily and quickly—because your staff at headquarters, remote branch offices, and on the road will all be using the same enhanced communication capabilities
  • Extend conferencing, mobility, video, and collaborative applications to everyone in your organization. Avaya Aura® Communication Manager adapts to SIP, H.323, digital, and analog. And this means your current network won’t stop you from moving to unified communications and collaboration

Server Compatibility

Communication Manager 6.X operates on:

  • Avaya Common Server portfolio
  • S8800 Server in duplex or simplex mode with G650 Media Gateways in an IP connected port network environment with G250, G350, G450, IG550 and/or G700 Media Gateways
  • S8510 Server (with a migration kit to add memory) with G650, G700, G350, G450, IG550 and/or G250 Media Gateways in new sales. CMC1, SCC1, and MCC1 Media Gateways in migrations are also supported, except in a mix of IP connected and directly connected port networks
  • S8300D Server configured with G250, G350, G450, IG550 and/or G700 Media Gateways


  • Up to 36,000 users on the Avaya Common Servers, S8800 and S8510 servers. Up to 2,400 users on the Avaya Aura Solution for Midsize Enterprise. Up to 1,000 on the S8300D server
  • Number of Trunks:
    • ACS - 24,000
    • S8800 Server - 24,000
    • S8510 Server – 24,000
    • S8300D Server – 4,000

Number of G250, G350, G450, G700, and IG550 Media Gateways Supported

  • Avaya Common Server - 250
  • S8800 Server - 250
  • S8510 Server - 250
  • S8300D Server - 50