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Cloud Solutions

Avaya cloud-based solutions let you pay as you grow, provide the latest endpoints and applications, and support business processes that drive success. For any size business, we deliver Cloud Your Way on a fully open architecture that supports flexibility, reliability, security and scaling. We help you transfer the burden of technical and architectural maintenance to your cloud partners, so you can concentrate on solving business problems.

SolutionsTeam Engagement

Team Engagement

Boundless Team Engagement happens when communications solutions integrate into your work culture. Streamlined, cost-effective processes transform the way your teams engage with customers, partners, and each other. Barriers disappear, relationships blossom, productivity rises, and your business accelerates.

SolutionsCustomer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement represents a positive, value-creating relationship between customers and an organization throughout the customer journey. In today’s digital era, customers demand and expect a consistent and seamless experience across multiple touch points, both physical and digital. Avaya offers contact center solutions that enable you to build a customized portfolio of applications―to drive stronger customer engagement and promote higher customer lifetime value.

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Every business needs the benefits and unlimited potential of hot technologies―right now there’s cloud computing, IoT, and BYOD―but keeping networks safe is paramount. Avaya is providing innovative network security delivered via a broad portfolio.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Explore communications, conferencing, and infrastructure solutions that support real-time engagement by integrating voice, video, data, messaging, conferencing, mobility, and more. As Avaya puts you ahead in a world of mobility, apps, social, and cloud, your workforce becomes more seamlessly connected and productivity increases. Customer satisfaction rises and innovation thrives. And as you grow, you can count on unrivaled scalability and flexibility to support every location, from small branches to corporate headquarters.


Cloud Products

Avaya offers subscription services hosted in the cloud for high-performance video conferencing, voice over IP, unified communications, and remote collaboration. With each of these easy-to-use services, you eliminate capital investment and gain the ability to scale the services to meet your changing needs.

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ZENER - certified ISO 9001: 2015, over thirty years in operation is a leading provider of communication solutions.

Through our association with AVAYA over the last 20years, ZENER has been providing state-of-the-art Unified Communication solutions, combining Data, Voice, and Video networks together with the latest in communication devices, into a single communications environment to some of the leading organizations across the country.

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